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Veggie Loaded Bolognese Pasta for Kids 🍝

Sometimes there’s just no time to cook, and we love quick and easy meal solutions suitable for the whole family. This easy dinner or lunch recipe is the perfect make-ahead meal for busy mums and hungry bubs. We cook this veggie loaded pasta sauce in advance and keep in the freezer in portion sizes. Only thing you need to do after is defrost and mix with your choice of pasta. We went with dinosaur pasta this time 🦖

toddler eating bolognese pasta from my pure plate

This bolognese pasta for kids contains a whopping 2kg of veggies: onion, carrot, zucchini, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste and celery. The other ingredients include minced beef, herbs and spices.

Step By Step Instructions for Bolognese Pasta for Kids:

Prepare the veggies 🥕🥒🧅

• Grate the carrot, zucchini, and mushrooms

• Finely dice the onion, you can choose to grate the onion as well. Dice or grate the celery. Make the bolognese sauce 🍝

• In a large pan heat 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Sauté the onion, grated carrot, celery and zucchini until softened and starting to go golden.

• Add the tomato paste, sauté for 2-3 minutes

• Add the mince and the mushrooms, cook until the beef mince is browned.

• Add the tinned tomatoes and dried herbs.

• Simmer for 25-30 mins until everything is well cooked, the sauce has thickened and flavourful. While the sauce is simmering cook your chosen pasta as per the packet directions.

• Serve with cooked pasta🍝 .


• 200 g mushrooms

• 2 medium carrots 300g

• 1 medium zucchini 150g

• 1 medium onion 150g

• 2 tablespoon olive oil

• 500 g minced beef

• 2 teaspoon onion powder

• 1 teaspoon garlic powder

• ¼ Cup tomato paste 55g

• 800 g tinned tomatoes 2 x 400g can

• 1 tablespoon mixed herbs

• 200 g diced celery

• 500 g dried dinosaur pasta

Place the leftover sauce in the fridge or freeze in portion sizes for up to 3 months!

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